Internationally Awarded Public Speaker

Elliott Eddie is a two-time Internationally Awarded Public Speaker and 2016 Top Ten Speaker in the world (Toastmasters International). As a Speaker, Elliott has touched the hearts of audiences around the world and was recently awarded the distinguished "Outstanding Keynote Speaker" Award in October 2016, from Urban Financial Services Coalition during a keynote speech at the Richmond Federal Reserve.

Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Elliott Eddie is Chairman/CEO of DM Media, Inc. As an entrepreneur, Elliott has built a company which boasts six small businesses; Superior Tax Preparation, P&E Reality, DM Media Film & Television Productions, P&E Publishing, Risqué Creations and EESpeaks. Even with all of this, Elliott is constantly building and expanding the company by adding new businesses while pruning the existing businesses for greater success.

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Why choose Elliott to speak at your next event/function?

There are countless speakers available at any moment; good speakers willing to participate at your event. Why should you contact me?

Simply put, you want someone that is unique, creative and able to connect with and International audience. There is an old saying, "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." You hire me because you want someone that is able to transfer information and give an detailed blueprint of the steps to succeed at any given task. You hire me because you want your employees/clients to grow and become an invested part of your organization and their future. You hire me because you want to encourage your people not to lose hope; that they can excel, it is not too late. You hire Elliott Eddie because you want to motivate, educate and inspire your people to become the best at what they do and go on to achieving even more!

Elliott Eddie

Next Steps...

Don't wait, contact Elliott today and find out how we can work together to accomplish the goals you have set for your business, your organization and yourself.