Meet Elliott Eddie

Entrepreneur/Inventor/ Speaker/Author/Trainer

Elliott’s passion for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial training can be traced back to his teenage years. As a youth who was six-feet tall and over 200 pounds, all of the jobs he was able to acquire had something to do with labor; using his hands and body for a variety of companies who gave no thought to the value his mind could bring to the table. “Jobs only want to hire me to be a physical laborer, but my greatest asset is my mind. I want to do something that allows me to be compensated based on what I bring to the table, not how high I can lift the table or how far I can move the table”.

Elliott Eddie is now Chairman/CEO of DM Media, Inc., author of five published books, worldwide distributed independent filmmaker of six films, four-time Virginia Public Speaking Champion, two-time Internationally Awarded Public Speaker and 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist and the inventor of the family of board games know as The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks.

As an entrepreneur, Elliott has built a company which boasts six small businesses operating in the black, including a Tax Preparation Business, Real Estate Investment business focusing on distressed properties and a thriving professional speaking business named EESpeaks. In addition, through his company DM Media Inc., Elliott invented and distributed the board game titled, “The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks”. This is a fun, educational and interactive board game that allows players to create their own home-based or brick & mortar businesses and build those businesses into an empire through marketing, budgeting, investing, decision-making and all of the other skills one learns to utilize as an entrepreneur. Currently, The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks has been sold in nine countries around the world.

Awarded "Outstanding Keynote Speaker Award" by the Urban Financial Services Coalition, Richmond, Virginia.

Published Author of several books including, "Turning Passion Into Profit: The Complete Entrepreneur's Handbook"

Chairman/CEO of DM Media Inc., management company for several small business all operating in the black

If you are looking for a speaker and trainer that will help you achieve the dreams you thought were impossible; Elliott Eddie is the person you need to spake with.

As an International Speaker, Elliott has touched the hearts of audiences around the world. A recent recipient of the Outstanding Keynote Speaker Award from Richmond’s own Urban Financial Services Coalition, Elliott’s favorite topics to share on are: Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking and Dream Building. Elliott utilizes his skills as a professional speaker to teach children and adults about entrepreneurship through facilitating workshops, seminars and events.

“This is what I love to do”. We may learn a few things in school, but one of the subjects it's unlikely that we’ve been taught is entrepreneurship: how to create and build successful businesses of our own.

Our Country was built on the ingenuity and creativity of entrepreneurs and continues to move forward because of talented people who dare to carve out a space for themselves by doing new things. We owe it to our children, our nation and our world of interconnected people to make sure everyone knows that they are capable of developing new ideas and creating businesses that can provide value to others while creating opportunities to achieve personal financial success. We have to make sure our posterity knows that they can use their skills, talents and ideas to find a problem and solve it, to find a need and fill it, or to create a market and build it. Our children must grasp the fact that among all of the things they can be, an entrepreneur is definitely within their grasp.”

    • Founder/President of “Youth Entrepreneur Program”, an organization that instructs and empowers business owners as young as five years old to create, operate and excel at an entrepreneurial business.
    • Author of his best selling books, Turning Passion Into Profit and Picture Perfect Presentations.
    • Over 10 years of mentoring/educating hundreds of entrepreneurial and small business owners through EESpeaks.
    • Over 20 years of business experience. Owns Tax Preparation Business, Real Estate Investment Company (Distressed Properties), International Speaking Company, Published Author, Worldwide Distributed Independent Filmmaker and Inventor of The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks.
  • Certified Entrepreneurial Trainer.

  • Popular Conference Speaker.

Elliott Eddie Areas Of Expertise

  • Idea Generation Training

  • Leadership Training & Development

  • Time Management Training

  • Entrepreneurial Development Training

  • Small Business Accounting/Record Keeping

  • Start-Ups

  • Design Thinking and Prototyping

  • Customer Service Training

  • Vision / Goal Setting

  • Strategic Development

  • Business Management

  • Assets & Income Protection

“What People Are Saying”

Powerful & Life Changing!

This seminar was absolutely priceless! I came to this seminar to meet Elliott Eddie and I was a bit fearful of striking out on my own as an entrepreneur. I was very impressed with the way he taught the seminar, and opened up the world of  entrepreneurship to me. This seminar has impacted the way that I now look at my business and my ability to strive for my dreams. You Don’t Want To Miss This Life Changing Seminar!

Thank You So Much!

Elliott Eddie, thank you so much for your motivation, your energy and your spirit. I really enjoyed your Entrepreneur Seminar; Turning Passion Into Profit. I now see why it’s the #1 Entrepreneur Seminar for Children and adults alike. Thank you for answering my questions and showing me that I don't have to be afraid to do what I have always wanted to do with my life.

You’re Built For This!

Your Entrepreneur Seminar, Turning Passion Into Profit has been a true blessing for me. Your teaching style and information sharing  has inspired me and has given me a clearer vision of what I can accomplish in my Real Estate business. It is like you are built for this  for such a time as this. Thank you, and may God continue to bless the work of your hands.

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