How To Operate In God’s Promises For Your Business, And Have Good Success…GUARANTEED!

FREE, LIFE CHANGING, Two-day workshop, with special Kingdom Entrepreneurship presentations from:
Apostle Charlie Howell III
Apostle Dr. Oscar Guobadia

Step by step instructions on how to create and operate your business with good success.

  1. You will have a functioning business plan
  2. You will have a functioning marketing plan
  3. You will define your target market & find your business’ voice
  4. You will learn how to launch your business in a worldwide market
  5. You will develop pitches for investors and customers
  • But most Importantly, you will learn how to use the Word of God to secure your business’ success, as God planned!

Wisdom is the principal thing; but in all your getting, get an understanding.

“For I command you today to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, and to keep his commands, decrees, and laws; then you will live and increase, and the Lord your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess”.
Deuteronomy 30:16

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Elliott Eddie is Chairman/CEO of DM Media, Inc., author of six published books, worldwide distributed independent filmmaker, four‐time Virginia Public Speaking Champion, two‐time Internationally Awarded Public Speaker, and Toastmaster International’s 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist.

Elliott is a recent star of The History Channel’s, “The Toys That Built America”, as Author and Inventor of the world’s 1st and only STEM Accredited entrepreneur board game titled, “The Entrepreneur Game”. In addition, Elliott has been honored by The Black Inventor’s Hall of Fame in a documentary entitled, “Black Inventors Got Game (BIGG)”. Among giants of the toy industry as Lonnie Johnson, Inventor of the Super Soaker and the Nerf Gun, and Ken Johnson, inventor of Phase 10, the second best-selling card game in the world.

Elliott has garnered accolades from top publications such as winning the BEST IN STEM 2021 Award from Newsweek Magazine (Nov 6, 2020 issue), Awarded the Creating Excellence Award from the Virginia Department of Education, as well as articles in Black Entreprise, Forbes Magazine, Yahoo Finance! and many more.

The strength of what Mr. Eddie does lies in Entrepreneur Teaching and Coaching, focusing particularly on Kingdom Entrepreneurship; victorious entrepreneurship based on the Word of God. Entrepreneurship that dispossesses and expands.

As an entrepreneur, Elliott has built a corporation, which boasts eight small businesses; all of which operate in the black including a Tax Preparation Business, a Real Estate Investment business, and a thriving professional speaking business named EESpeaks. In addition to these, Elliott has also released his own brand of Springform Cheesecake baking pans under the title of, “The Grand Toque” and a brand of Potato Ricers under the Brand, HomeBasicsPro, as well as an Entrepreneurial clothing line, and an international online marketplace for entrepreneurs.

“What excites me are the possibilities. Can you see them?”